Xiah Love


Hey guys I know what I said about Bloodlust and I've been thinking about it all night
it makes me feel weird I had left it like that too
But the ppl who took over did an amazing job of contiuing it and also keeping relatively close to what I had wanted and I'm super thankful for that

However, to sort of ....I guess...have a "closure" more for personal reasons, I'm going to rewrite Bloodlust and put it on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own). My screenname there will be Fictitious_Cucumber and I'll be starting to do the rewrites soon and upload it on there.
I'm rewriting because I read back the story and I realized my teen writing can be super confusing and didn't have much continuity. So I'm going to rewrite up to where I had left off and then do new wrting from the chapters on forth (but it'll be more likely to be similar to how the new writers had written it because I did tell them basically how the story was going to go and they just put it into better words than I did LOL).

SO yes, I'll update here about the rewrite of Bloodlust.
I just saw your post on yoosu_yw and just wanted te let you know there is atleast one person who is interested in reading more of your story so welcome back <3
Thank you so much!! When I get the first or first two chapter rewrites done, I'll be posting here along with the link to AO3 for everyone to access it.

My goal is for the rewrite to be done by next Friday, so come by and check around then! Thank you ^_^