Xiah Love


So I have already rewriten the prologue and chapter 1. It is now being edited and reviewed by my beta-reader Hannie_Rabu

I'd like to have it up by Monday but we'll see since she's busy with reading and school.

So a little information about the rewrite as I am going through it:

Some parts of the story made me laugh, other parts just left me super confused. I realized I wasn't the best at continuity because I had a lot going on in my head and couldn't organize my thoughts very well. I also ended up deleting some scenes or leaving out scenes that were once there to add to it later on in the story. I added more dialogue, deleted some dialogue, changed dialogue, etc so for those who have read it before, it's going to be a lot different. There is a bit more depth because I, as a 24 year old, wanted to touch on the elements of abuse and sexual assault and explore that side of the relationship (because no matter how much you enjoy it LATER, if you said initially NO and they continued, its classified as assault and or rape). I have to remind everyone that these characters are not 100% "good" people. These characters are fictional characters who make mistakes, who continue to make mistakes, etc. Some are not kind, some are not good. They are vampires. I wanted to portray vampires in the a darker sense as beings who are almost a slave to their own instinct and physical desires.

However, I can promise you there is a little bit more depth as well as continuity and less confusion so the story will be a semi-new experience for those who are re-reading the story (and I thank you for re-reading it too because I have trouble rereading some stories bc for me I'm the type of person who once they read it, its basically done. There are few stories, books, and even movies I read/watch again).

I do note that there are problematic elements within the story for sure (abuse, rape, etc) because even in scenes where I (as a hgh schooler) had perceived some situations as consent, I know that as a 24 year old adult its not actually consent and classified as rape or sexual assault.

With that said, I'd like to mention now (and I mention it in the chapters as an author's note) that this story BLOODLUST is all purely fiction. Do not romanticze this relationship, do not romanticize rape, do not romanticize sexual assaults esp in real life. There are elements of forgiving the abuser and such. However, this does not indicate IN REAL LIFE that anyone should ever ever ever forgive their abuser. Its all purely up to you as a victim and this story should not be something you use to consult your feelings or experience. This is very bad fiction, this is a bad fantasy. This was something I wrote as a high schooler and I didn't know much. You can let yourself enjoy the story and indulge in this dark fantasy, or you can let yourself see the badness in it and hate it. Its up to you as the reader. However, I do advise for those who do indulge, do not let my story and the instances of these characters form your own opinion about assault/rape/abuse (for example, well Yoochun did all of this to Junsu so my friend should get over her abuse too bc its not really abuse if she enjoyed it later). Reality is different from fiction. Do not use my story as any sort of evidence to justify rape, assault, or abuse. This IS PURELY FICTION I CANT STRESS THAT ENOUGH!