Xiah Love

story information as of 4/8/2015

So I am basically finished with the rewrite of Chapter 4 and have also finished the rewrite of Chapter 5. I have sent Chapter 4 to my beta reader but its the last month before graduation so she's kind of swamped with a bunch of readings + essays so it might be a while before she gets a chance to beta-read Chapter 4.

I haven't sent her chapter 5 yet because I don't want to overload her. So in the meanwhile I'm going to work on Chapter 6.

After April, things might move a long faster (or slower, idk depends on our situation). Luckily, my beta reader is not only my best friend but also my roommate so I can check up on her WEHENVER I WANT LOLL jk jk no but seriously shes my best friend and roommate

we're graduating college this year or rather
I'm only pretending in front of my parents (i know it sounds crazy, but I have a super kind of abusive controlling father and he's not aware that my mental illness has caused me to do terrible in school so my graduation has been extended, but the ceremony is not really regulated so I can just sneak into the ceremony and sit there, look at fireworks, and then pretend I graduated in front of him). Sure its probably easier if I just told him but that means he makes threats to my mom and me and my sister and my mom is already sick and overly stressed out so she doesn't need that from my dad.
You may wonder why do we stick with an abusive father esp emotionally and verbally abusive father. It's because we need money. My mom barely makes anything by herself and she's afraid of being alone so for her she'd rather take the abuse so that way my sister and I get financial support. It's kind of fucked up and its something I've been dealing for years and years.

One day I pray that there will be a day when I don't have to lie anymore and keep pretending
and a day I'll be financially stable where I can support myself and spoil my mom