Xiah Love

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Sorry its been almost a month and still no update yet except for that chapter 6

I've started on chapter 7 rewrite but since its mostly new content to make it flow with the rewrite, its been taking a little longer (esp since I have work and what not and we've been busy due to orientation).

I've been in a good place lately esp with my anxiety and depression but I think thats because most of my anxiety and problems had to do with money problems. Though I'm not making a lot of money, any is better than none.

Also working forces me to get ready and actually go outside to work which helps my depression tremendously. Most of the time, my depression is worsened due to the fact that my depression often forces me to stay at home, be in bed, and just be consumed by all sorts of dark thoughts and unable to move or do anything productive even though my mind is going crazy.

But I'm getting better. if my school situation resolved then I'd be semi-okay