Xiah Love

Info Update On Bloodlust

Hey guys I'm sorry I've been so busy but here's some information update on Bloodlust
I am still in the process of a rewrite but since I'm getting to the part where there's no chapters to rewrite and now there's going to be an original plot line that slightly differs from what I had intended in the past (and what I told the two writers who would continue it for me) its been taking a little bit longer to publish each chapter

With that said, there also has been some personal things that came up

1.) I moved to a different state and now have a temp job until I can find a permanent one
2.) My AC adapter died so my laptop is dead and I have no other source to work on the chapters (they're all on my google drive)

im hoping since i get paid this week I can get a universal adapter and finally get online (i've been without one for two weeks now and its been killing meeeeeee, you can only do so much on your phone)

Also, idk if I already mentioned this to anyone, but I've been posting the rewrites on Archive Of Our Own if you want to check that out
i know ive been recently linking it in the YOOSU community but its been easier to upload it straight onto AO3
if any of you guys want the link lmk in the comments
i think ive been linking it in my past posts